Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love . . .

I love this . . .

I love that the conscience is referred to as "the still, small voice" that helps us avoid "temptation" to be able to stay on the "straight and narrow path."

I love that Viana calls it "Pokey-nochio."

I love seminary.

I love hearing the turning of the pages of the scriptures during a "silent lesson."

I love our prophet.

I love our new temple.

I love our new family :)


Rachel and Jared said...

How EXCITING!!!!! I am so excited for your family...How far along? I love the gospel too! How awesome that you are a seminary teacher. Definitely a dream job. Keep us posted on the new little one.


Carterfam said...

The baby is due in September. We're way excited!!

Royfam said...

I love the new dig and discover blog and I love you!